Other Crops

We grow lovely Brussels sprouts, which also benefit from our temperate seaside climate. Lots of seaside sunshine but not too hot in the summer making our sprouts sweeter and less bitter than standard sprouts. We also have less pests and disease next to the sea which allows us to produce healthy, blemish free sprouts, with less pesticides.

We supply 100% of Marks and Spencer’s prepared sprouts and you can purchase our sprouts there from August to April. Our Brussels sprouts are rich in fibre, vitamin C, anti- oxidants and glucosinolates which are very good for boosting your immune system.

Cooking tip: don’t over cook our sprouts. Try and ensure they still have some bite and texture. They should still look bright after cooking, if they look dull they’ve been over cooked. We suggest steaming them for 10 mins, depending on sprout size, then glazing them in coconut butter with a little salt…delicious!

We also grow potatoes, malting spring barley and wheat. Our farming policy is geared towards long rotations with varied crops. We use a lot of green compost,(all the leaves and stalks after the sprouts have been trimmed and prepared), to create enriched, healthy soils.

Seahills has many caves to explore, some of which connect one beach to another.

We have provided a coastal, public footpath and steps down to one of the beaches at Seahills, enabling others to enjoy our beautiful farm.

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