Grown Naturally

The aim for our Seahills strawberries is to not only look amazing and taste delicious but to work with nature and be as healthy as possible for our customers. All of our Seahills strawberries are free from harmful pesticides! Our Seahills strawberry crop is being grown without the use of synthetic chemicals to control pests and disease.

The industry standard approach to controlling pests and diseases in strawberry crops is to regularly spray with synthetic, chemical pesticides. Many of the conventional insecticides and fungicides can be harmful to bees, the wider beneficial insect population and other aspects of the ecosystem.

Seahills greenhouse 12th April

At Seahills we can utilise the sophisticated climate management systems in our greenhouses to help reduce humidity induced diseases and only use naturally occurring products which do not contain synthetic chemicals or leave a chemical residue on the fruits. For example, instead of using standard pesticides to eliminate harmful insects in the crop, we use a range of natural predatory insects to help protect the crop.

This natural approach to growing strawberries is challenging and more expensive than using industry standard pesticides. Predatory insects are more expensive than mass produced pesticides and we will no doubt loose more fruit to pests and disease by adopting this gentle approach. However, we feel this is a sacrifice worth making in exchange for the significant, positive benefits our Seahills strawberries will have.

Look out for our golden bee logo for assurance that no harmful pesticides have been used.

grown naturally

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