Seahills Farm

Seahills is a magical place with SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest), being a haven to many rare flora and fauna along its cliffs and beaches. The sea is home to dolphins and porpoises, its waves skimmed by puffins and sea birds, while Robert Stevenson’s Bell Rock Lighthouse sits on the horizon.

Seahills has a special seaside, “Goldie-locks” climate for the production of exceptional quality strawberries. Already one of the sunniest places in Scotland, our strawberries at Seahills enjoy additional sunlight reflected off the sea, making them extra sweet!

Robert Stevenson’s Bell Rock Lighthouse, built in 1810, sits 8 miles offshore from Seahills and is the world’s oldest surviving lighthouse.

About the Farm

Our Environment

Seahills has 3 beaches and many secret coves. We are a popular destination for anglers who fish for cod and mackerel from the rocky outcrops. It also supports a healthy marine life including many species of shell fish; lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams, scallops, winkles and prawns.

The new loch at Seahills receives all of the rain water from our greenhouse roofs. This is then recycled back to the greenhouses, making the most of our rain water.

The moon rises at Seahills farm, shimmering on the ocean. The sun also rises over the sea at Seahills, often in spectacular colours, creating a magical start to the day!

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