Our Strawberries

Over the last 30 years we’ve been focused on producing the highest quality strawberries. To achieve the highest quality you have to provide the optimum environment for the crop. This led us to start growing strawberries in climate controlled greenhouses, with computers and sensors which provide feed and water whenever required by the strawberry plants. Our smart technology helps provide the optimum climate and conditions for the crop to reach it’s full potential.

We discovered that our northern seaside location has the “Goldie-locks” climate for the production of exceptional quality strawberries. Our strawberries at Seahills enjoy lots of natural sunlight, much of it reflected off the sea, making them extra sweet. The seaside climate also keeps our strawberries cool in the summer, so they grow nice and big! Being a northern location we get cool nights which importantly stops the strawberries respiring and losing sugar and sweetness overnight. Our cooler temperatures also make our strawberries firmer with a longer shelf-life.

Our coastal temperate climate also benefits from reduced pests and diseases providing us with ideal climate to grow our strawberries naturally – see our Grown Naturally section. All of our Seahills strawberries are free from harmful pesticides.

Our Products

Seahills Classic Strawberries

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Baby Bios (10’s)

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