Over the last 30 years we’ve been focused on producing the highest quality strawberries. Our ambition led us to commence a partnership with the James Hutton Research Institute, one of the UK’s foremost crop research centres.

We are always looking at ways to improve our strawberry quality, so we began growing strawberries in climate controlled greenhouses, with computers and sensors which provide feed and water whenever required by the strawberry plants. Our smart technology helps provide the optimum conditions for the crop. The Hutton’s scientists also discovered that our northern seaside location has the “Goldie-locks” climate for the production of exceptional quality strawberries.

Our strawberries at Seahills enjoy lots of natural sunlight, much of it reflected off the sea, making them extra sweet! The sea also keeps our strawberries cool in the summer, so they grow nice and big! Being a northern location we get cool nights which importantly stops the strawberries respiring and losing sugar and sweetness overnight. Our cooler temperatures also make our strawberries firmer with a longer shelf-life.

Our coastal temperate climate also benefits from reduced pests and diseases providing us with naturally healthier berries.


Our strawberries in Harrods, enhanced with chocolate and other delicious coatings.

Seahills strawberries on display in Harrods in photos below (October 2020).


Jessica, Harrods strawberry buyer, enjoys lunch and strawberries on one of our beaches at Seahills.

Seahills Strawberries April 19

Our greenhouses are heated with renewable biomass energy, not fossil fuels. We produce homegrown strawberries to replace imported fruits which have a higher carbon footprint.

Our delicious strawberries are available from mid March to July and September until December.



Seahills display in Harrods October 20202
Seahills strawberries in HARRODS copy

We are delighted to be the main strawberry supplier of Harrods. Seahills Farm supply all of Harrods retail punnets, delicatessens and restaurants requirements for around 9 months of the year.

IMG_1223 2

Tom and Jessica, pictured, on a visit from Harrods to Seahills Farm sampling our beautiful greenhouse strawberries.


We hosted a meet the grower day for shoppers from Marks & Spencer to visit our greenhouses and pick their own strawberries. They enjoyed afternoon tea and homemade strawberry tarts after their hard work!