Our Heritage

Bellrock Lighhouse

Directly offshore and 8 miles from Seahills Farm, sits the Bell Rock Lighthouse the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse. Designed by Scottish engineer Robert Stevenson (1772-1850), it was built in 1811. The lighthouse is 35 metres tall with its lights visible from 35 miles statute miles inland.

Lud Castle

Lud Castle is a clifftop promontory fort from the Iron Age and is located at Seahills Farm’s Castlesea Bay beach.

Lud Castle must have been a very secure fortress. Not only is it surrounded on three sides by 120ft vertical cliffs, the only access is down a narrow neck of land, followed by a steep climb to its summit.


Auchmithie Village

Auchmithie is a small village that borders Seahills Farm, three miles north east of Arbroath. The village stands above 120ft cliffs and has access to a beach and old harbour below.

The village has a long fishing history with evidence to suggest Auchmithie goes back to the Viking raids of the early 11th century.

It is currently best known as the home of the Arbroath Smokie. There are several theories put forward as to the true origin of the Arbroath Smokie. One of the most popular relates to a cottage in Auchmithie in which haddocks were hanging up to be dried for preservation purposes. Unfortunately, a fire broke out and burned the house to the ground. It was then (reputedly), whilst sifting through the ashes, wood, dust and associated debris that the ‘Smokies’ were discovered.

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