Seahills Farm Poster oct 19

Seahills provides a home for nature and wildlife. We are continually adding to and improving our diverse habitat to encourage wildlife to thrive. We provide a home to many animals including roe deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits and hares. Seahills is a favourite bird watcher’s destination with a myriad of rare and threatened bird species.

Seahills Farm is working closely with the RSPB, who advise on habitat seed mixes and monitor and catalogue the growing diversity of our bird and insect species. We have now created many bespoke habitat areas which help regenerate threatened species.

Around 20% of Seahills has been dedicated to providing diverse wildlife habitat areas and it has now become an important haven for the threatened corn bunting and the small blue butterfly. Seahills is also home to Puffins in summer and we have a breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons.

5 members of the Scottish RSPB team visited Seahills in December 2019. We discussed the locations of a further 8 new habitat areas at the farm to be established in 2020. Will continue to work hard to ensure nature thrives at Seahills.


RSPB at Seahills
RSPB visit Dec.19